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[Today's subject line is from Graham Harthill's "Zero Anniversary," featured at]

I started a sonnet about the Queen of the Night a couple nights ago. It likely won't be done in time for the market I had in mind, but it's still good to have that corner of my brain percolating with pentameter again.

A friend linked to a Frederica von Stade clip on YouTube a couple days ago, which in turn led me to a scene from a Covent Garden Zauberflote featuring Diana Damrau and Dorothea Roschmann. I was already a Roschmann fan, and I now understand what the fuss about Damrau has been about - in tandem with the clip of her first aria, she's the most convincing Queen of the Night I've seen. Great acting, great costumes, great staging... *adds to the "DVDs to request" list*

I'm doing better about getting into the habit of exercise, motivated in part by being the heaviest I've ever been. I'm also back in a not-steady paycheck phase, income-wise, so I want to get back to fighting weight and stay there before I go to the trouble of getting new jeans, etc. (Then again, getting new jeans is such a pain in the ass that I tend to put it off regardless.)

Bookmarked for when I have more time: A video lesson on harpsichord tuning!

I've been doing a fair amount of cooking this week, partly to get through various dribs and drabs, and partly because I've been working at home enough to be able to do so: roasted a post-Thanksgiving turkey (9-10 pounds on sale for $4.80), beef ribs, and pork ribs; shrimp grits; cheesy squash grits; cranberry-orange relish (one batch with Cointreau - inspired by Bear ).

The CD currently in the kitchen player is the Tallis Scholars' performance of William Byrd's The Great Service. It makes me want to spend more time studying it, and to get back into my music groove. Which means I had better get back to chores and copyediting, the better to clear my way to that. Hope this finds all y'all keeping warm!

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