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There are too many things taking me eight times longer than expected to deal with rather than the usual four, as well as bizarre mechanical/technological bugaboos, but there are pleasures as well:

  • In addition to the gorgeous Michael Harrison song I raved about last week, my church's Lessons and Carols service also included a tenor+choir+brass setting of Peter Mayer's Stables. Loved all the music this year; it turns out I still have my high F-sharp, and I was blending pretty well with my neighbors by the time of the actual service. (There are several pieces for which I can now claim a trifecta, having sung tenor or alto on them in previous years.)

  • This is the arrangement of "In Dulci Jubilo" the chamber choir sang on Sunday. I'm nowhere near as cute as the alto soloist in the video, but I did okay. :-)

  • Singing for Christmas = not stranded at O'Hare for fourteen hours. Unlike the BYM. Poor lad.

  • The sun's been shining most of this week. It was mild enough this morning that I blew off billable work in favor of outside chores, and then I sat on our front steps for a while, drinking juice and snuggling with the dog.

  • All sorts of pretties and shinies have arrived in the mail, including a terrific multi-layered e.e.cummings card from Margaret Shepherd.

  • I am getting back the habit of practicing music (outside of rehearsal/imminent performance). It is massively frustrating, especially with the chronic bronchitis compounding my general out-of-shapeness, but it is also mentally stimulating and emotionally therapeutic. Singing/playing "Abide with Me" and "A Promise Through the Ages Rings" is the closest I've come to crying this week over the things currently making me feel helpless and/or under-ept, and the act of working on playing/singing them well made me feel significantly better.

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