Allez, venez et entrez dans la danse

"I'm speaking to someone I'm trying to get to fall in love with me. "
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Subject line from a Billy Collins interview.

My day:
  • two meetings

  • one rejection

  • one new poem hammered out

  • ...over approximately five or six hours

  • ...which means I'll have to catch up tomorrow on the work I blew off today, but I think it's a pretty good poem, so it was probably worth it

  • one older poem revised

  • eight nengajo in my mailbox (I participated in a haiku exchange this year that ended up with 60+ members; this was one of the reasons I was still making and/or writing out New Year's messages the day before yesterday)

  • ... and a card with a baggie of "Wu Wei" tea

  • the New Year's special at the Alley Cat (filet, scallops, potatoes, and asparagus)

  • ... with a pint of Yazoo pale ale

  • ... which is the most alcohol I've had in ages, which means I'm not good for much else this evening. So I'm going to brew some tea, treat myself to some cake or fudge, and then split the rest of the night among a bit of volunteer proofreading, a lot of heckling the dog and the BYM, equal amounts of sappy doting upon same, and probably falling asleep before midnight. Because we are old enough to prefer comfort to pretensions of hipness. ;-)

  • Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2008!

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