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have sword, will dance
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From things that make me happy

Earlier this summer, as I was getting my mother's house ready for sale, I happened upon a brochure for the local Christmas Country Dance School. And I thought, well, if the house doesn't sell, I'll have a place to stay, and if it does sell, I can visit my hometown as a tourist...

So, with his blessing, I've deserted the Beautiful Young Man for a week, primarily to become acquainted with rapper sword dancing. It's the second day of classes, and the figures we've learned include forming a knot with the swords, forming a breastplate with them (and as the tallest person in my set, it forms over me -- the instructor advised the other dancers something to the effect of "try to curve the swords enough so that the female Threes [the position of the tallest, rearmost dancer] don't feel so nervous...].

I'm also one of the dancers for the mummer's play to be put on Christmas Eve. I opted for it over being a writer in part because (1) it means I get a longsword, and (2) it means I get to execute the hero. Mwahahahahahahaaaaa.

And, it's off to the next class! More later!

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