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my hands are black and blue (Nashville Flood update)
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[Parts of this entry have been cross-posted elsewhere - my apologies to the readers getting spammed 2-6 times...]

I'm typing this with black and blue smudges on my hands, thanks to the hundreds of photos and recipes and letters I spent the night peeling apart and laying out to dry. I could wax poetic at length about sodden envelopes now marbled with the streaks of the words and images they were supposed to shelter. Or about the ghostliness of inscriptions that now exist only as mirror images of themselves, the floodwater erasing them from their original surfaces and imprinting them on the photo or sheet that happened to be adjacent to them. And someday I probably will, because I am a writer and everything in the world is the seed of a story.

But, in the meantime, I have books to edit and music to learn and commissions to complete and bread to bake, as well as friends to catch up with (my favorite techie's in town, thanks to the international tour of A Chorus Line) and other friends who need help with cleanup (once my body recalibrates -- I'm currently in the post-all-nighter state of "too revved to sleep, too hazy to drive").

The new issue of Galatea Resurrects is now live, and it includes my reviews of The Fat Sheep Everyone Wants and Refusing Despair. It turns out I have strong opinions about poetry after all. (Go ahead and laugh, but prior to drafting the reviews, I honestly thought I was way more easy-going than many of my peers about what makes a poem "good." Glass cabins and hives and all that...)

An opportunity for you to go shopping and help my city out at the same time: at the Do the Write Thing For Nashville online auction. All the offerings are writing/publishing/reading-related; all proceeds will go to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee flood relief efforts. Please visit early and visit often - new items will be added daily, and bidding is open for only three days for each offering.

Thank you for all the love and support and concern - both with this and in general. I don't have the words to express how grateful I feel whenever I think about the sheer magnitude of awesome, brilliant, compassionate, funny, and thought-provoking generated by you lot. It is a joy to witness and to encourage.

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