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Snow Day!

Nothing's better than not having to go to school on a Monday! Yep -- we got about 3 inches of snow followed by a half-inch of ice yesterday, and Monday has been cancelled! It's a Snow Day!!!

And more sleet/freezing rain/snow is expected today. We may be "sopped in" for another day. Good thing Raleigh isn't equipped for such occurrences. Our street is a crunchy sheet of ice, with a couple inches of snow under it.

Whit the Wonder Pup was not pleased when I took him out into it this morning for his morning constitutional and toilette -- he'd head off toward his usual "rest stops" but as soon as his paws would break through the ice into the snow, he'd be like "Uh-uh, I ain't playing that game." So finally, after I'd stomped clear a nice ten-foot-by-ten-foot square, free of the crunchiness, he was able to take care of bidness.

Elizabeth and I cooped it up yesterday with the fire (thanks to the Split-Wood Fairy for delivering a couple wheelbarrows of wood the other day -- it came in handy, Ma!). She read some Harry Potter and I read about half of Tim's novel in progress, and then we watched movies at night ("Seabiscuit" -- good but a bit melodramatic, but inspiring nevertheless -- and "Bruce Almighty" -- surprisingly bad, with Jim Carrey trying WAY too hard and Jennifer Aniston trying not at all). We had fun watching the snow turn to sleet and enjoying the utter silence outside.

Today I got up and copy-edited and tweaked four more chapters in the fantasy novel, and it's rolling right along, and I plan on reading the rest of the day. Maybe tomorrow will be another Snow Day as well -- more stuff is expected to fall from the sky any minute.

Now I'm going to go watch "Ellen" with Elizabeth and drink coffee and eat cookies. Later!

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The rider laughed and shook his head. Long chunks of blonde hair fell from the man's head until he was entirely bald. His robe dropped away, revealing a suit that was so dark green it appeared to be black. The man held a badge in his left hand and, along with the reins to the beast under him, a spent bullet casing in his right hand.

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