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"A whale's heart is as big as a car..."

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Sub, Story, Story, Censure...

Okay, so yeah, got a reject from an agent on the fantasy novel, which wasn't too too surprising, I guess, but it still sucked, so I put the ol' laser printer to work and printed off eight submissions to send directly to publishers. Now that oughta do it!

I have another story up at Fictionwise now, the title story to my short-story collection, "Gunning for the Buddha." If you can't wait to read it in print when the collection comes out this summer, read it in pixels through this site. It's one of my favorite stories, and they recently added it to my Author Page along with "Coal Ash and Sparrows." Get your stories hot off the virtual press!

And finally, while I prefer talking about writing and fiction-related stuff in this blog, I wanted to mention something that actually is related to fiction -- President Bush's, ah, fabrications/exaggerations about Weapons of Mass Destruction leading up to the war in Iraq. is sponsoring a petition to censure the president for misleading the country about the level of the threat from Iraq. Bush also mentioned recently that he didn't believe the number of Americans killed in Iraq was as high as 500. All I can say is, if Bill Clinton could get impeached for lying about an affair, surely Bush deserves (at the very least) to be censured, which means "to formally reprimand him for betraying the nation's trust." So click the link if you agree with that line of thinking. Is that the kind of leadership we want? Later.

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