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Lost in the 80s...

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Tunes, Translation, and Reading!

Man, yesterday was Friday the Thirteenth, and nothing bad happened. I just got slammed with work at the Day Job, which I actually prefer. One of the project managers said "We'll just keep piling it on until you tell us to stop." Which could be a problem -- I really must learn to say no. But hey, I dig the job, and payday was yesterday, which was perfect timing.

One nifty thing I discovered at work yesterday were some cool streaming audio radio stations. Right now I'm a huge fan of Radioio, which offers free music in a wide range of flavors. I'm jamming to their 80s station right now, and it's nice and clear. What I really like is I can keep track of who the artists are and what the names of the songs are.

Their Acoustic station got me through yesterday afternoon at work, and kept me from stressing out. I heard a really good song by some dude name Josh Kelly that put me in in the Valentine's spirit... quite romantic (heh, Too Much Info, right?). Their Eclectic station looks good as well.

Sweet -- they're playing a cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart Again." Okay, so maybe not a great Valentine's day tune, but...

We watched "Lost in Translation" last night. Well, I watched it, and Lizzie dozed through the second half of it. She's watching the rest of it right now, so we can chat about it. It's a really good flick, full of crazy imagery and sounds that make you truly feel lost in another culture. Bill Murray is great, and I love how they handled the relationship between and Scarlet Johansson's character. Very subtle, very realistic.

And the final scene is perfect. I cheated and rewound the DVD to that scene to make sure he was saying what I thought he was saying, when he's holding her close... Nice. I like seeing a movie that doesn't take the easy or expected routes with a plot.

And finally, once I get all this busy stuff out of the way, I plan on doing some reading! I've got my Blackbeard/paranormal romance novel all printed out and my notebook open to a blank page for notes. I'm going to read the whole thing this weekend and figure out what needs to be done to make it really shine. Right now it's a bit unfocused and not very, um, romantic.

So what better day to start this than on Feb. 14th? As Andre 3000 says, "Every day's the 14th!" (You can thank Lizzie for that one -- I'd never heard that song 'til today!). Later.

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