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Where'd the weekend go?

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Rucks, Rock, (Re)Writing, Reading, Researching

If anyone can tell me where the weekend went, I'd appreciate it. I've forgotten how fast time flies when you're actually being social and doing stuff. After watching "Fargo" on Friday night (it didn't seem as good as it had been the first time I saw it, though Frances McDormand and William H. Macy were both great), we went into crazy-busy mode on Saturday.

The rugby game on Saturday was a blast. What a weird-ass game! My brother and I were convinced they were just making up the rules as the game progressed, but slowly I started to understand what was going on. It actually looks like a lot of fun, though I'm surprised nobody gets seriously hurt. I wanted to grab a rugby myself and get in the middle of a ruck and push some folks around!

And that was just the womens' game! When the guys got there, it got downright violent. Lots of sympathetic groans there on a lot of hits. Ouch.

As soon as I got back from the long drive from Greenville, where I did my best to get my two young nieces all wound up (but they're too darned well-behaved to be hellions!), I met up with Elizabeth and we went to a house party, where her brother's band was playing (he's the drummer).

The band's called "The Friends of Jack Danger" (I thought it was "The Friends of Jack Daniels," which I liked better), and they play lots of classic rock covers -- The Doors, the Stones, even a little Quiet Riot. It was pretty fun, and hey, free beer! Can't miss.

I was glad to see Sunday roll around so I could recover from all the running around. I did a ton of revising to the Blackbeard novel, and even managed to rewrite what I'd accidentally erased from Thursday's writing session. And this morning I almost finished revising chapter two, so the novel's really taking shape, at last.

I also did some baseball research last night for the historical fantasy novel I'm planning out, and started reading Carter Beats the Devil. I was hoping to read all afternoon, but ended up only reading about 10 pages before I crashed for the night. Someone's got to do something about lengthening the weekends, I tell ya. Later.

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"Everything okay?" Mitch said.

Ella never got a chance to answer. From out of nowhere a black, bridle-less horse leaped from behind a sand dune, directly in front of the car.

"Look out!" Mitch shouted. Ella slammed on the brakes as Mitch grabbed the wheel and turned it hard to the right.

All Ella saw in that frozen instant, as her seat belt locked her in place and her car swerved to the right, were two rows of yellowed teeth and a pair of red, panicked eyes inches away from the windshield.

For a split second the windshield turned black, and then there was a sharp double-thump on the hood of the car. The horse had hit the hood. Ella stood on the brake, and the car spun. Neither she nor Mitch had time to even shout, as the front tires hit the sandy shoulder with a crunching sound. The rear tires swung around on the highway, and the Escort came to a rest, perfectly parallel to Highway 12, but now pointing the wrong way.

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