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The Lone Protagonist

Five chapters down, fourteen more to go! The revising is going quickly now, as I've finally gotten back into the flow of the story, and everything is really coming together nicely -- the ghosts (there are three of 'em), the romance angle (superstitious guy, serious and just-the-facts gal), the diving details (what sort of gear they use, when to come up to the surface to avoid the bends), and the setting itself (a small, isolated island on North Carolina's Outer Banks).

But what I'm enjoying the most is getting to know my protagonist, Dr. Ella Simon. This is the FIRST novel (out of the three I've written and the one I co-wrote) where I stick with just one character all the way through. I should've thought of this sooner -- it's quite rewarding, developing this persona and not jumping from one person's head to another all the time.

I realize that I'd jump to another character every time things got too close, too emotional. Now I can't do that -- I'm "stuck" with Ella, and it's forcing me to dig a bit deeper as a writer.

My next 2 novels after this will definitely be one-person point-of-view stories. I'm really enjoying it.

But I can't get ahead of myself--one book at a time... Later.

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