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Agitated and antsy, anxious too

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I'd like a secretary, please

Man, I just spent the past hour or two putting together two hard-copy story submissions and one novel-contest submission. About 350 pages and three envelopes later, I feel like I wasted the night away. Down with paper submissions. At least email subs don't kill trees.

I really hate that part of the writing-for-publication process (or should I call it the writing-in-the-hopes-of-getting-this-story-published process?) -- the administrative side of it. It takes forever! I was supposed to be doing some work on the collaboration or on my novel. Ugh. If only we could afford some hired help. ;)

On the bright side, I got my check from SF Reader today! Woo-woo, a hundred bucks. And I just got done spending the last of it at good ol' Amazon. With the (last of the) prize money I bought Gene Wolfe's The Knight, after reading the first chapter in a copy I'd borrowed from the library. Everyone and their brother has been telling me I need to read Wolfe, and after reading the first chapter, I was hooked. I probably would've skipped buying the book, but it's in first person and I wanted to see how he handles that -- I want to use 1st person for my next novel. At least, that's how I justified the purchase...

I also used the prize money a few weeks ago to get a hardcover of Carter Beats the Devil and just the other day I subscribed to the good ol' New Yorker after a couple years without it. So I managed to spend ALL my $100 -- I actually went $.86 over. Ah well.

I guess I may as well call it a night, have a Scotch, and watch the damn "Apprentice." I'm so pissed I got hooked on that show... Later!

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