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Come to North Carolina in July! I dare you.

After talking it over with some creative folks this weekend, I decided to give the local science fiction and fantasy convention here in the Raleigh-Durham area one more shot. I didn't make it to Trinoc-con last year, for a variety of reasons, mostly time. And from what I heard from some folks, it was also a bit under-organized last year.

But the more I thought about it, I decided Why not? Jason and Janet are planning on going, as is Jamie (and surely other people whose first name does not begin with J). I enjoyed doing the writing workshop the first few years I was there, and it's a good group of folks.

Also, according to Locus, my short-story collection is coming out in July (woo-hoo!), so I will actually have a book to carry around and show people and feel like a Real Writer. Hell, maybe I'll even sell some copies.

So this con -- probably the only one I'll get to in a while, for financial reasons -- is going to be a Big Deal. I've decided to make it a Big Deal. So I'll be a bona-fide "literary guest" at this shindig.

And how can you enjoy the fun? Well hell, come on down to it! You can crash at my house if you want (um, and if I know you!), so the only expense will be getting here. The con runs from July 23-25th. And they need more guests, literary and artistic. So go ahead, send the Literary Chair, David Stokes, an email.

I'm also planning on having some sort of book-launch party (the first of many books launched, I hope!) at my house in July, so keep that month open. We're trying to decide if we should do a good ol' fashioned pig-pickin' or just order a ton of pizzas. And we just may have a live band...

In other news, I'm down to less than 50 pages left in the Blackbeard novel. Just finished chapter 18 over my lunch break -- only 4 chapters left! Woo-hoo! Later.

Today's Quote:
"Over there," he said. "On the other side of the graves."

"What are you--" Ella gave up trying to talk in the howling wind. She fought back a sudden fit of coughing from the smoke in the air being flung at her on the wind. The sky was almost as dark as twilight, and all the shadows were elongated and distorted.

When Ella was able to see who Mitch had been talking about, the wild wind suddenly died. Ella tried to find her voice, but she and Mitch could do nothing but stare in shocked silence at the new arrival, dressed all in white.

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