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In Search Of: An Ending and a Cover Artist

I surprised myself this morning by actually writing a whole 'nother scene in my current story, with maybe 2 scenes left before it's done. I ended up sleeping late -- Elizabeth was feeling bad and I figured I could help by sleeping in with her (hey, that's my theory, at least!) -- and thought today would be a lost writing day, but you'd be surprised at what you can do when a story has its hooks in you and you want to work on it.

I'm starting to think that this whole "organic" method of writing may be worth pursuing. We'll see how it works at novel-length next...

In other news, I'm trying to help out my publisher for my short story collection. The really cool cover art we were going to use isn't going to work -- the artist didn't want to cooperate. So we're looking for an artist who's willing to do a cover or has a piece of art that would work for my mixed-genre collection.

I'd love something similiar to the other piece, something with a bridge and something a bit abstract. Any ideas on good online galleries to check out?

Argh! I'm hoping this doesn't delay the release, but it probably will... Later!

Today's Quote:
The Irish bar off Blount Street was open tonight, and small groups of mostly white people hurried to and from the restaurant from their SUVs and Lexuses, ignoring Claudia and Ferdie as they walked up to the dispatch office. Through the windows of the bar she could hear a fast-paced music made up of violins, guitars, with a flute's music rising above it all. The sound made something in her chest ache, first for the ocean, and then for home.

Lenny was going to be Claudia's first challenge of the night. Not only was she over four hours late for work, but he wasn't going to understand why she was showing up now, with a wild-eyed Serbian in tow.

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