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Pregnancy Update 1: Grimacing, the Spits, and the Streak

Okay, so we're at about Week 9 of Elizabeth's pregnancy, and the key theme of the past two weeks has been this: Nausea.

Elizabeth has rarely ever been sick, so seeing her feeling so bad that she doesn't want to do anything other than watch TV and nibble on fruit and graham crackers is hard. I've been spoiled by my wife's good health!

Everyone always says that the first trimester is the worst as far as morning sickness and nausea. I just hope they're right. I can see the despair in Elizabeth's eyes when she starts to think these gut-cramping sensations will last until December 9th.

If anyone has tips for what to eat or drink or DO about this nausea, please let us know. I think we're over the worst of it... I hope!

Last week Elizabeth got close to breaking what we call "The Streak." She was in the bathroom, grimacing, with a case of the spits. You know where this is going. She was calling out to me, but I was in the other room, and I didn't hear her. (I'm not sure how much help I would've been, other than have me lose my breakfast as well!) She came very close to breaking her non-vomiting streak, which I believe is now up to about 18 years. (I can't even imagine!)

But The Streak remains intact. After last week's close call, and another one the other day, she still remains puke-free (although I did have a dream in which she did the deed -- while SHE had a dream about fighting with Omarosa from "The Apprentice" -- I guess weird dreams are part of this pregnancy gig as well!).

Finally, according to the Pregnancy Wheel, the Jasperito's brain and spine are becoming visible, his or her stomach is at 45%, and the little tyke is about 30 centimeters long. And the Jasperito may even start moving around this week! Crazy.

31 weeks to go!!!

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