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Pregnancy Update 2: Out of the Woods of Queasiness?

We're right at 10 weeks into the Jasperito's gestation, and the Streak remains intact! Let's see if Elizabeth can hack it for thirty more weeks without, well, hacking up her breakfast... Still no yakking, and she actually feels much better! (furiously knocking on wood)

For a while last week I thought she was almost out of the woods with the pregnancy nausea, but as soon as we'd get our hopes up, she'd feel crappy again. She even tried the prescription drug Zofran (which they give to folks undergoing chemotherapy for nausea), but we weren't really crazy about her taking any sort of drugs unless she really had to, so she stopped. It didn't really help all that much anyway.

The real secret was pizza, and lots of it. Elizabeth has been feeling much better ever since we went out for pizza on Friday night with Jamie and Steffi. Maybe it was the addition of their fine company and conversation that did the trick? I never thought I'd say this, but I think I've had TOO much pizza in the past 6 weeks. I swear we've had it 2-3 times a week ever since Lizzie started getting queasy. All that bread seemed to help. It's also helped make my stomach nice and round...

Speaking of perfectly round pot bellies, the Jasperito is giving Elizabeth the tiniest of what she calls a "pooch" -- her belly sticks out. She's convinced it looks HUGE, but unless you knew her (she's naturally skinny), you'd never know she was 2 and a half months pregnant. And I think her little belly's cute.

So I thought it was fitting that I grow a pot belly along with her. Yeah, that's it. That's my excuse... I mean my plan! Yeah.

According the Pregnancy Wheel, the Jasperito is about 6 cm in length, with eyes that can close and open! (This sounds like a description for a Jasperito action figure, with kung fu grip and nipple-sucking action) The youngster also has a stomach, some kidneys, and a bladder! All of that happening right inside my wife's perfectly round pot belly! It's wild, wacky stuff. Later!

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