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Pregnancy Update 3: Hearing the Beat

We're sitting at about 11 weeks now, and according to the Pregnancy Wheel, we've got early fingernail development going on inside the ol' uterooski. Cool. The youngster is about 3.5 inches long, though judging by the height of my lovely wife (almost 6') and myself (around 6'1 or 6'2), I'm guessing the Jasperito is about 4 inches by now. And all of a sudden, Elizabeth's belly is starting to peek out a bit more!

I was a tad bit jealous on Wednesday -- Elizabeth went to her monthly checkup (she was pleased to report she'd only gained 5 pounds), and she got to actually her the baby's heartbeat! Swish-swish, swish-swish, swish-swish. I'd have loved to hear that. Though it probably would've blown my mind. It definitely would've made the Jasperito's impending arrival more real. Right now I sorta feel like we're in limbo, just waiting. Luckily, everything with Lizzie and our finger-sized bambino were great.

Speaking of the nickname "Jasperito" (which is only half right at this point -- we should use "Jasperita" half the time as well), it looks like already we may be undergoing a name change. According to our three-year-old nephew, the baby's name out to be "Augie Foo-Foo." Which has a sorta nice ring to it.

On the nausea front, the wave has come back in to the shore. Elizabeth had a couple bad days, and a near-Streak-breaking moment on Monday morning. On top of being pregnant, this week she switched jobs at the hospital where she works, so we think the added stress made her more hurl-prone. And the Streak continues! I am so proud...

The reality of having a youngster around the house is starting to set in for us both. I know I have moments when I'm just like "What have we done!" or "Why did we choose to give up all our free time and freedom for a baby?" or "Good God, I'm too damn immature!" (okay, the last one was all me). I guess this is normal, right? And all these fears go away as soon as you see the young one's little face for the first time, right?

I'm sure it will. And all these little annoying problems that get to me will probably recede, put into perspective by the fact that we've got little Augie Foo-Foo to take care of and teach and enjoy. That's the plan, at least! Later.

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