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Quite excited, thanks.

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Opening Day: A Success

I could get used to work weeks that start on Tuesdays and end on Fridays. Cutting Monday out of the picture altogether, Day Job-wise, is a fine, fine idea.

Because of the Memorial Day holiday, I got a great jump-start on my baseball novel this morning, cranking out a rough draft of the first chapter. Thanks to my research and outlining, the writing was relatively easy. I had a bad moment at first, because I'd thought up a great first line last night and couldn't for the life of me remember it this morning. Those lost lines are always the best ones!

And then I realized I couldn't do the story justice by making it first person, so I changed the voice to 3rd, with the coach the main point-of-view character. That helped a lot, and allowed me to do more descriptive writing, which I've been looking forward to on this novel.

Tomorrow it's on to chapter two! Sweet. This makes up for not being able to go to WisCon this year! :) My next goal is getting the first 50 pages or first 3 or 4 chapters done by my birthday, on June 13th. I think I can manage that.

And hey, if you're interested in this kind of thing, you can check out the starting lineups for the All Nations team.

Now to try and clean up our messy house and run some errands with Elizabeth, who's got a touch of the funky stomach again... Later!

(If you're doing the Novel Dare, feel free to share your daily success in the comments section or over in the new Novel Dare Discussion.)

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Today's Quote:
The hitter made his best contact of the matchup on the pitch, pulling the ball into right with an impact that shattered the bat. For a moment the infield was showered with slivers of wood, distracting everyone from where the ball made contact with a dull sound just next to the All Nations' dugout.

The field was frozen except for the shower of wood dropping onto the infield from the broken bat. George looked up from the letters fisted into both of his big hands and saw Mack drop his glove in centerfield. The young man was looking at something just outside the dugout.

And then, like a tree falling against a stubborn wind, head coach Worrell dropped face-first onto the dirt just five feet from where the All Nations had stacked their bats inside the dugout.

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