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Another year older and deeper in debt... (tho not for long, we hope!)

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Paper, piling up

Every time I finish a chapter on the current novel-in-progress I print that chapter out and add to the pile on my right here at the old computer desk. The pile is starting to take on some heft now, which is a nice addition to the mess on my desk.

I hit my goal for today while tapping away on the laptop on the back deck again -- we've been lucky to get some cool weather and even some rain in the past few days. As soon as I'm done here, we're taking the pooch for a walk to enjoy the kick-ass weather.

So I'm on chapter five now, and I'm looking forward to this one -- I get to write about former boxing champion Jack Johnson playing on the opposing team and how the All Nations try to beat 'em. In today's section I got to talk about Chicago's ballpark with the temporary name of Weegham Park and introduce Harry Houdini's previously unknown younger brother Arthur, who plays third base for the All Nations team. And my black player who thinks he's a Native American is about to go off on his version of a vision quest. Yeah, I'm having fun with this book, can ya tell?

Oh yeah, and did I mention that today I'm all of 34 years old? Damn, how did that happen? Later!

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