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Pregnancy Update 6: JasperitO it is!

I was going to write an entry yesterday, but I was too drained and too busy to get around to it. I mean, it's not every day you get to have a sneak peek at your unborn baby. Yes, yesterday was ultrasound day. Here's a peek:

That's our little baby in there -- I can't believe how much the little critter has grown since the first ultrasound!. And we simply couldn't wait, nor could I stand calling the baby "it" or "the baby" or even "the Jasperito." So we also found out what the baby's gender was (I don't know how people can stand to wait until the baby's born to do that!).

So here's another shot of our son, Andrew, attempting to suck his thumb (the black area on his chest is his heart, beating away at 143 beats per minute):

I could've sat and watched Drew wiggle around and kick all day long (though it got a bit hard to see at times, what with all the bawling I was doing), and Elizabeth probably would've enjoyed it even more if someone wasn't poking her in the belly the whole time. Seeing your own child moving around is a mind-blowing experience. I think I sat there with my jaw hanging open the whole time as we saw his hands and feet (all 20 digits accounted for!) and his heart plugging away, his spine, his face, his package (the boy ain't shy), and even cross-sections of the little fella to see his kidneys and inside his skull. Amazing. Check out this foot!

And now Elizabeth and I can't wait to get Drew out into the world -- only 20 more weeks!!! Elizabeth wants to taking him hiking, canoeing, camping, and expects him to be the greatest guy ever, and I agree with her. Later!

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