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Fiction rollercoaster

Man, after another long-ass day at work (almost 10 hours again, trying to get this Project from Hell done), I had all sorts of fiction writing tidbits waiting for me at home and in email format.

First, I started to realize that I'm not going to get this novel done in time for the Oregon workshop unless there's an act of God or I get extremely energetic in the next 20 or so days. That's disappointing -- I've heard nothing but good things about the workshop, and it'd be cool to go out to the Northwest again. There's another one in mid-November, and Elizabeth thinks I should try going then, but that's only a few weeks before Drew is due to arrive, and there's no WAY I want to miss that, in case he decides to be early.

So I was feeling frustrated, only to come home to contracts from ASIMOV's for the story I wrote with Greg van Eekhout waiting for me. Swwwweet. And then in email I had proofs for my story "Black Angels" for the COCKROACH SUCKERS anthology, a collection of wild stories that I never thought would see print (as an added bonus, editor Dave Wilson sent all the authors a PDF of ALL the stories, so I can do some reading for fun after I'm done copy-editing and proofing my story). I also got updated contracts from Fictionwise for my three most recent stories reprinted there -- "Riverrun Alley," "The Disillusionist," and "Gunning for the Buddha."

So I guess it wasn't all that bad a day. Maybe TOMORROW I'll get some writing done on the novel again (thought I have a sinking feeling I need to just sit down and read the whole first 1/2 again to get back into the right mindset). Meanwhile, Tim Powers' LAST CALL has sucked me in, and I'm off to read that right now (um, after I proof my story, of course). Later.

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