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Crazy? Probably.

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Going for it.

Okay, I just spent a good chunk of time today organizing ALL my notes and research for the baseball novel, and the results include a really good outline, twelve chapters left to write, and about 46,500 words total. Not bad.

I think I can do this -- the test will be this weekend. I want to hit about 60,000 words by the end of the day Sunday. If I can do that, I know I can finish it up by the end of the first week of August, the deadline for the September workshop. I just have to take my chapter outlines and flesh 'em out. I've got my ending in mind, and each chapter has a bunch of cool stuff that should be fun to write. Plus I can always improvise.

One of the few bonuses of my Project from Hell at work is that I've accumulated enough hours this week to leave early tomorrow, so I plan on getting home and starting the writing-fest.

Speaking of the Project from Hell, I had to do a word count for the curriculum owner for the two courses I'm writing, and the first course came to be about 25,000 words, and the second one was 27,000 words. That's the equivalent of a short novel! And I'm not done yet (but I'm damn close). Granted, a good bit of the courses overlap with the same or similar material, but that's a shitload of information to keep up with. Yech. I'll be SO glad when it's done. The last two months have been crazy-making for me.

And now, I really must get some sleep. My wrists are aching and my eyes are dry as the Sahara. Later!

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