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Pregnancy Update 8: Buddha Belly

I haven't written one of these updates in a while, mostly because the wild ride of my wife's pregnancy has calmed down quite a bit -- those first few months are nothing but giddy revelation followed by nauseous gurglings. But now, the main change is the growth of Lizzie's belly.

Starting almost as soon as we got back from a week at the beach in early July, her belly has been growing like mad. Little Drew has been having a major growth spurt -- he's probably a foot long now. I can just imagine him in there, filling out his tiny little frame a bit more each day, sucking down those nutrients before Mom gets a chance to enjoy 'em. The one side effect of this is that at Lizzie's last checkup she was a bit anemic, so they've got her popping an iron pill every night. But that's really been the only hiccup in the whole process. Well, that and the nausea from way back in April and May, but neither of us can really even remember that time.

We're having too much fun watching Drew kick out Morse-code messages to us from inside her uterus. I think he said something about laying off the sweet tea last night, or maybe it was something about that chili we had... I can sit three feet away and see him kicking and dancing and punching around. Quite amazing.

With some free Sony Points we got with our credit cards, I ordered a free digital camera, and I thought I'd share a shot or two of The Belly with you, if you'd like. I must say, Elizabeth looks quite good for being 25 weeks along. There's a front view and a somewhat goofy side view, as Lizzie does "that chicken thing" with her neck... (And yes, I did get her permission to post these photos! She's a true good sport.) Enjoy!

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