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way too ambitious...

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Labor Day labor

No, the title isn't about my wife going into early labor, thankfully! She's got a good 12 more weeks to go, thanks...

We're both working today -- she picked up an extra shift at the hospital (yahoo for time-and-a-half) and I'm working today to make up for being off this coming Friday, while I'm off in Oregon at the workshop.

Yesterday I finished up all my re-reading for the discussions for the novels being workshopped, and this morning I re-read my own synopsis and opening chapters just to reacquaint myself with them again, and I'm happy to report that they're all legible! Actually, I really like what I've got there. Some rough spots, but some really fine scenes and some surprisingly good turns of phrases. Always good to see that your own writing is still appealing.

Now, I guess I'd better get started on that work stuff... I watched "Fellowship of the Ring" again on Saturday, so I figured I'd queue up good ol' "Two Towers" to play in the background while I do my work stuff (it's mostly tedious stuff, like building an index and moving content around -- hopefully it won't end up containing phrases from the movie by accident...). Not a horrible way to spend the day, I guess.

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