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Stories soon to be in print (for myself and others)

And here it is, another Monday. I've been wanting to do a journal entry for a while, either here or in my paper journal, but I just haven't gotten around to it. But I finally have a little breathing room here on my lunch break at work.

Lots of little stuff going on, writing-wise. I sent back all my fixes for my short-story collection on Friday, and I'm looking forward to getting the finished version of my book soon. I also have a couple leads on possible reviews, which would be cool.

I should probably be contacting local bookstores to see about maybe doing a reading there, but my favorite bookstore (Quail Ridge Books) was already booked up when I contacted them a few months ago, and I know I won't get any sort of crowd at the B&Ns and Borders in the area (I learned THAT from the infamous Writers of the Future "World Tour" four years ago!). Maybe I'll contact some of the other indie bookstores in the area... Yeah, soon as I find the time...

I also (foolishly) embarked on not just one, but two new short stories I want to have done by the end of the month. I guess I got cocky with my state fair disaster story I finished last week. But I'm setting up both stories as a sort of collaboration with myself -- that is, I'm writing it the way I wrote collabs with other writers in the past: I try to write myself into a corner with each writing session, and then try to figure my way out of it in the next session. Sort of like juggling a bag of flaming hamsters instead of tossing them back to my co-writer.

Hey, it sure beats actually having to PLOT the dang stories.

Speaking of stories, I want to give a HUGE congrats to my buddy Lee Capps, who just sold his first story to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Sweet! Lee and I went to grad school together at NC State, and he can write me under the table. He recently wrote a kick-ass SF story that I just know is going to be published as well. I'm so pumped up that he's writing more now, even with a little kiddo running around, and he's now getting published.

Finally, speaking of publishing (sorry, I can't stop with the transitions), I decided to try out Publishers Marketplace again. I have an Author Page there now, during their free trial period that ends on Wednesday. It was fun to set up, and I'm curious to see if it results in anything. Mostly I wanted to sign up and get their "Deluxe Lunch" that covers all that goes on in publishing. It's a great source to find out what people are writing and buying, and at only $15 a month it's cheaper than the daily newspaper, and more interesting.

Check out my page and let me know what you think (personally, I think it's a bit wordy). And now, I must get back to work. Later!

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