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Wondering if I'm nuts...

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Experiments in novel-blogging

Today was a bit slow at the workhouse, so I got some odds and ends done in between updating our Style Guide. The thrills, they never let up, I tell ya.

Sent off the SF story I wrote with Derek J today to the SFReader contest, and did more messing with my Publishers Marketplace page. Still not sure if I'm keeping that or not. I have until midnight tonight to decide. I like all the info at the site, but I'm not sure if anything ever comes of having a page there. I may take it down and save the $15 a month, I dunno.

I've also been messing around with this short story idea I had last month, after listening to that Sting song, "Dead Man's Rope." Well, it's looking like that's going to be a novel. I started puttering around with it, and then I thought about trying something new with it. Other people have done similar things like this before, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway.

Using the fine functionality from our friends at JournalScape, I set up a new journal where you can follow along as I write this novel. Go to and check it out.

Well, actually, you probably can't see anything there, right? Not yet, at least. I'm trying out the JournalScape "Group" feature.

What you'll have to do is type the name of the Group ("JasperReaders") into the corresponding text box, and then type the password. To get the password, you gotta email me. Sorry, but this allows me to sorta control access to this site.

I may want to someday publish the book that results from this experiment, you see. If it's password-protected, it's not "officially" published. I hope (if I'm wrong, let me know, and I'll try something else)...

Also, Jenn and Kenny, if I'm using the Group feature of JournalScape wrong, please let me know! I'm just experimenting, that's all!

Now it's about that time, and we have to check out a pediatrician before we go to birthin' class. Fun fun! Later...

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