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Quick Update

Just another quickie note about all the craziness happening with regard to my novel, The Wannoshay Cycle. Astute readers of this journal noticed that my entry from last Thursday is no longer available. That's because I got an interesting piece of mail Thursday afternoon, right after I'd gotten the email from the small press accepting my novel.

All I can say is, I'm glad I took some time to look over the contract and think about it.

Because the letter was from an editor at a major New York publisher who'd written a five-paragraph letter in response to seeing my novel WAY back in March. Well, I sent it in March, but the editor I'd sent it to no longer works there, and this new editor was catching up on all the slush, so that's why it took them so long to get back in touch with me.

Long story short, the editor wants to see my novel again, once I make the changes he suggested. A couple days of chaos ensued, as I tried to figure out the best thing to do, and I got some great advice from a couple agents. The first editor at the small press very graciously agreed to let me send my novel to the New York editor and see what happens there (he could've withdrawn my novel altogether, but all I'd need to do is resubmit, if I need to -- I just hope I won't need to).

So now I have to do some serious revising and thinking on the novel to make sure I meet all of the editors' suggestions. I think I can do it, but I just need the TIME to do so -- this week is busy, and this coming weekend we're out of town at a wedding.

But I can't complain -- when it rains, it pours. I think it was really bizarre (and kind of cool) that I got that email and that letter both on the same day. Life is weird, ya know?

Speaking of weird... got a new mini-scene up over at Dead Man's Rope. Check it out! Later.

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