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Prepped for pavement pounding

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Getting ready to hit the road

We're heading off soon to the wilds of Virginia for Siobhan and Esteban's wedding (we visited them last year, and had apples and good food and a great time). There's seven of us going, and the plan was to pile into Elizabeth's Mom's monstrous Expedition, but the "school bus" broke down this week. So five of us are going in the Highlander (there can be only one, y'know) and one of the couples are driving on their own.

We're all a little bummed at the incomplete, feel to this road trip. But somehow we'll get by.

I just did some checking on the Pregnancy Wheel Web site, and I was sorta shocked to see that Elizabeth is now 33 1/2 weeks pregnant! How'd that happen? Where indeed does the time go?

She's been doing great, and the only time she feels bad is if she eats too much rich food or sweets, which she rarely does (as her skinflint husband never takes her out to eat at the Nice Places!). Little Drew is kicking and moving around like a fiend in there, and when she does kick counts after eating, she can count seven movements within two minutes. Too cool.

We're actually at the borderline of being able to travel out of town, so this will be our last trip before Drew arrives. November shall be Nesting Month(TM).

Before November hits, I've got to get my SF novel revised and shipped off (which I plan on finishing up Monday and Tuesday, I think), and then get a chapter of the baseball novel polished up and sent to the North Carolina Arts Council to see if they'll give me some free money to work on my money. Hey, if they can give eight grand to Charles Frazier, they can give eight grand to me!

I read over the first of the two potential chapters I wanna send, and I'm feeling good about it. It's nice, reading your own work and getting sucked into it as if you were reading someone else's novel. Looking forward to working on that one again, soon.

Speaking of novels, I've yet to miss a day on my new one, which I'm writing bit-by-bit, day-by-day, over on the Dead Man's Rope novel blog. I'm on chapter three already, and having a ball writing it.

Have a great weekend! Later...

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