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Ticking 'Em Off

Ah, it's so nice dropping off a package at the Post Office. There's a moment when you've let it go, and you feel so free.

And then a few seconds later you start to wonder and second-guess yourself. Did I fix all the typos? Were all my cuts and pastes truly successful? Did I do the cover page right? Did I paper-clip instead of staple? And, worst of all, did I send this off too soon?

But what can you do? At some point, you've got to get it off your plate and tick it off on the ol' To-Do list.

I've been all about getting stuff done lately, from revising and mailing off the SF novel to putting together the package for the NC Arts Council grant and mailing that sucker off (I really, really like how the chapter of the baseball novel I'm using as a writing sample came together for that one). Hell, Lizzie and I even wrote out our last batch of Thank You notes from our last baby shower. And I even watched all of the last World Series game (go SOX!!).

And as an extra added bonus, I get to leave work early today (I came in early) so I can go vote. Woo-hoo!

I also have some fun stuff to read from my fellow writing friends over the next few weeks, which is always fun (thanks Jason and Jim!). I always feel much sharper as a writer when I read and comment on other writers' work.

More than anything, though, I'm looking forward to the weekend so I can finish up some more of my chores -- seed and aerate the lawn, pull weeds, rub some bleach on our fence so it's white again instead of green -- and then on Sunday I plan on re-reading my baseball novel from start to finish and decide what needs to be done with that monster.

I'm looking forward to it. I'm starting to figure out what my main character is REALLY like. Before, as I was wildly drafting the book, I didn't have that clear an idea of his emotional state. That should make re-drafting my opening chapter a tiny bit easier, I'd hope!

Now that it's almost November, I can feel the clock ticking -- Elizabeth is at 34 weeks today, and I want to have a lot of my crazy-busy stuff done before Drew arrives. Six weeks left! Holy shit. We can't wait. He's been doing all sorts of crazy movements and contortions inside her belly the past few weeks. I can't imagine what life must be like, hanging around upside-down all the time...

Okay, enough random nattering. Must move on to the next task. Later!

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