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Thumbnail, Serial Novels, and Opening Chapter (oh, and the Election, too)

Forget all the election nonsense, check out this nifty little thumbnail for my story "Redemption, Drawing Near," coming any day now in Interzone 195:

Very cool! It's an illustration of Johndo (aka "John Doe"), the Wannoshay alien from the story (as well as the opening chapter of the recently revised Wannoshay novel), all wrapped up in his bandages and robe.

Check out his tentacle-hair! And if you squint you can see the title of the story floating in front of Johndo. Sweet. The artist is Edward Noon. The full-size print version should be quite awesome.

Now would be a good time to encourage all good people to subscribe to the revamped Interzone as well as the always-excellent Third Alternative. (Family and friends looking for an xmas gift for yours truly, click that link! I know I'm hard to buy stuff for.)

Other nifty stuff floating around include another serial novel (um, like mine, ahem). This one is by David Niall Wilson, and so far it's quite good. Looks like a historical tale, set during WW2, with maybe some spooky bits thrown in, not to mention a possible hurricane.

You can sign up for the serial novel by joining Dave's Yahoo Group for The Mote in Andreas' Eye. He's doing it as part of NaNoWriMo, the novel-in-a-month thingie.

And finally, after some noodling here and there, I'm finally back on the opening chapter of the baseball novel, doing some revising here and there, tightening it up. I may just re-draft the whole thing, once I figure out the protagonist's voice, but for right now, I feel like I'm getting close.

Maybe I'll mess with it more on the laptop tonight as Lizzie and I watch the election results roll in. I'll need to be doing something to keep myself from going nuts... Later!

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