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Stunned, yet relieved

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I curse that "Alien Nation" movie!

I found this evening's Netflix Feature to be a mixed bag of emotional reactions.

Just for the helluvit, I added the late-eighties SF/buddy cop movie "Alien Nation" to our queue, partly because I think I may have watched an episode or two of the tv series spawned by the James Caan/Mandy Patinkin movie from '89, but mostly because a couple reviewers of my Wannoshay stories have compared them to "Alien Nation."

Oh crap -- I started watching the DVD with Elizabeth tonight, and I felt like a total shit. Aliens arrive on Earth, people freak out, the aliens integrate, and they even start doing DRUGS. Crap! What was I thinking?

For the first 10 minutes or so of the movie, I was dying.

And then the movie turned into your typical drug-move/revenge-the-dead-partner/big-gun-car-chase kind of movie, and I could sit back and breathe again.

Whew. Thank God they didn't try to actually use their imaginations with that one.

I find it very bizarre that my Wannoshay novel had so many initial similarities to the movie -- I've never seen the movie, and I think I may have seen some of the TV series (there were only 22 episodes or so -- I didn't miss much, apparently). I'm a little freaked out that I wrote about aliens landing on Earth and integrating with humans and even using drugs (but hey, in MY version, humans used the drugs first, and aliens got hooked later. So there.) Must be some zeitgeist thing.

But the cool thing is, I feel like I went further and explored all the possibilities the movie turned its cinematic back on. Lizzie and I both looked at each other at the end of the movie (after comparing notes earlier on, ticking off the 3-4 uncanny similarities), and said "That sucked." All the nifty SF ideas the movie brought up, like the "quarantine" and the alien biology and the tension between species, all of that went away in about 20 minutes.

And can you believe that was Terence Stamp under that makeup? At least the "Slags" had their weakness for curdled milk to give the flick some levity. Sheesh.

My next SF novel? No aliens. ;)

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