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Erm, err, urgh...

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This Writing Gig...

This writing gig, I tell you, sometimes it's REALLY flippin' frustrating. All the waiting and wondering. Like now -- I'm waiting to get copies of my collection from Prime, which I'm happy to say will be coming soon, probably around the first of December (woo woo!), I'm waiting to get my contributor's copies of the latest Interzone, I'm waiting to hear back from editors on a couple collaborations and short stories, and most of all, the thing that's been about killing me, I've been waiting to hear back on my SF novel.

Do I need to remind folks that I have NO patience???

I tell you, I checked my voicemail like 10 times today, and checked email three times that amount. Ah well. Waiting builds character, right?

No, waiting just makes you CRAZY.

Had a nice little jolt today, though. Elizabeth called on her way home from work, walking to her car, and she told me she was having funky stomach pains and cramps. So of course I was right away thinking The baby's coming! Holy sheet!.

But then, once the wave of fear had receded, I started getting really excited about it. Our little guy will be here soon. However, by the time she got home, she was feeling better, no more weird stomach vibes. I guess we get a reprieve. But only 2 weeks to go until she's full-term.

I've not been writing in here much because I've been busy with Day Job stuff as well as errands around the house, not to mention the fact that we finished our xmas shopping this past weekend. I've been a bit stuck on my novel revisions, but thanks to Mr. van E's feedback on my opening chapters, I feel like I'm groping my way towards a voice for this baseball novel.

I've been reading Glen David Gold's wonderful Carter Beats the Devil this past week or 2, and I'm amazed at how he tells his story, and I've been doing a great deal of thinking about how to best tell the story of my novel. I tend to be fairly traditional in my style, and I want to shake that up a bit with this book. It may take time, but I want to do this book right.

Patience. I've got to learn patience. I always feel rushed, and with my fiction writing I need to slow down and make every sentence count, instead of counting every sentence. Later...

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