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Pregnancy Update 11: One Week to GO

I can't believe I let all of November slip by without doing a pregnancy update! I guess that just goes to show how busy November was, with the Thanksgiving holiday as well as doing all the last-minute touches to Drew's room, not to mention finishing up all the xmas shopping and decorating and... whew.

And really, we've been amazingly lucky with the pregnancy, because Elizabeth has been healthy for these last few weeks of the final trimester -- hell, she's been feeling great for most of the pregnancy, except for the rough seas of the first trimester, WAY back in April and May. Which I guess also explains why I haven't felt the urge to update -- readers get bored by a story with no conflict. :)

The amazing thing to me, as the due date of December 9th fast approaches, is how much growing Drew is now doing inside Elizabeth's belly. The kid seems to grow a half-pound a day. I think he is actually putting on an ounce every 24 hours. Just working on those fat rolls and love handles! The kid takes after his dad, I tell ya...

So, for those of you keeping score, no baby yet! We're at exactly 39 weeks, our bag is packed and ready for the hospital, and we even put the baby seat in the car. We're set. The rest is up to Drew. Later!

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