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Things have slowed down a bit at work, which normally would be nice, but after such a chaotic few months, it's hard to adjust to the quiet. I need a deadline! Crazy, isn't it?

I guess I need to take advantage of this time to recharge the old batteries. I've been doing that lately with my fiction writing as well -- taking a break. I'm pretty much done with my revising to Sixteen Miles, and I have a couple scenes to write and one more pass to make at the whole book, but I can't muster up the enthusiasm for it. (I guess those three-four agent rejects I got for the book recently put a big ol' damper on my enthusiasm, more than I'd expected.)

So I'm going to take a break for a while. Read some more. Take it easy. Think about something new I can work on, either writing-wise or something else. I'm feeling antsy for something different. I don't have any big ideas burning to be written, so maybe I'll go off in some completely different direction. Who knows?

In other, more fun news, Drew's big birthday bash yesterday was a blast, and we had our house filled with family and friends. He had fun seeing everyone and running around with his cousins especially. Good food, good peeps. We're trying to make birthdays not all about the presents, so that was a pretty minor part of the party. The kids really enjoyed the train cake Elizabeth made -- I'll have to post a picture or two of that.

Tomorrow Drew's preschool is doing a Live Nativity, then Thursday is Drew and Lizzie's actual birthday, so we'll have our own party then, and Friday Elizbeth and I are heading out of town for the REAL recharge -- three days and two nights at the Snowbird Mountain Lodge. Can't wait! If only I can get through the rest of this week... Later!

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