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star wars II -- revisited

Still getting ready for Star Wars III this weekend. Watched ep II last night. The basic flaw for me is I don't really buy Anakin's character, or anyone's reaction to it. I think it might have worked better had the Jedi council been resisting him -- maybe Obi recommends him but the council sees him as unstable and unready -- then there could be more tension against the system. Its very 'teenagerish' for him to whine about Obi but there's no depth to this stuff.

Then, after he massacred "all of them" when his mom died, I noticed that his confession of it had some potential power -- if only it had created tension between him and Amidala maybe we could feel it too. Instead he gets platitudes from her.

Anyway, its the worst of the 5 so far, and ep III would have to be miraculous for me to find the Anakin of Ep II appear realistic. But I've still watched it several times without being bored.

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