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Polarization and Paralysis

When I think about why the world isn't a better place than it is, polarization and paralysis leap to the front of my mind as pernicious problems. People are so quick to divide themselves up, to divide the world up into insiders and outsiders, true believers and infidels, etc. The advantage the polarizers have is that they can act confidently and decisively. But for those who would try to understand and thoughtfully respond, our world seems so complex that it almost seems impossible to decisively act. Thus paralysis.

So, I was wondering what things those uninterested in lining up on sides of the polarizing debates of our time can do decisively without feeling they are incurring harm. A few ideas, what else can you add to the list?:

Listen deeply
Resist hyperbole
Accept themselves and their limitations
Accept responsibility for their actions
Remain open to learning things aren't the way they seem

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