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150 gallons of aquarium water on the floor

Perhaps this will teach me to only love large aquariums from afar instead of my living room. My beautiful 300 gallon L-shaped aquarium leaked half of its water onto the living room carpet and greeted me with it Saturday morning. So far I've moved the fish to other tanks, but some of them will probably have to go back to the store.

Bummer. We all really enjoy this tank, but it is the second time it leaked and the second time was much worse than the first, so it's probably going on ebay to see if I can at least get something out of it. Maybe someone more experienced with tank repair can fix it.

My son asked if all in all the tank had been a positive or negative. My immediate reaction, given the cost and the problems was negative, but it certainly gave me some great times too, and will probably be the best aquarium I ever have.

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