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Thesis: Any failing of the american government is a failure of the American people

I think one of the moral failings of our nation is that we allow bureacracy to self-perpetuate even when we almost all see something as inefficient or even evil in it's tendencies and implications. I, for example, shrug my shoulders over elections offering candidates from both sides I'd rather never saw the light of day. I do this because I'm tired, because I'm willing to believe I can't make a difference and that's more restful than believing I can. Cog in the machine, etc. But unless we all adopt the following maxim, then it seems to me we are passing the buck as much as any politician:

"Any failure of the American government is a failure of the American people. A failure of their resolve, their love and their hope."

Apart from such an attitude, can we really ever hope things get better? I don't really want to feel it is a moral necessity for me to do something about it, but isn't that precisely why it is partly a moral failing on my part?

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