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live, uncut and uncensored?

No, not really. I've read a few posts elsewhere wherein people say they say whatever they think or feel on their blog -- feeling totally unencumbered. Not me. It seems to me there is still some line that respects privacy -- both yours and mine.

I won't, for example, typically throw out some real situation in my life (anonymous so and so did such and such to me, and I feel such and such, what do you think?). I don't know if I know why.

I do talk about my inner personal drama, about some things that others might construe as private, but I try to do so in a way that only reflects on me, for the most part, so I can avoid any implications about other people's character, for example.

I think it's messy. And I've chosen anonymity, so far. How much that I have said, wouldn't I have said if my name was out here? I'll have to think about it.

What kinds of boundaries work for you in the blogosphere?

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