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a question about God

If God is good, it seems to me God is already doing everything God can to bring about the flourishing of our world. And if this is the case, then it seems to me that God cannot rescue us or solve problems in the ways we often hope. And if this is the case, it really shifts the discussion of what point there is talking about God.

I cannot see any point in asking God for help, other than what good it might do me to express myself. Now, many believers would tell me this seems rather bleak. And I can see that maybe it means we lose the hope of praying for "miracles" - for God to step in and make it all better. But for me, that kind of hope is itself rather bleak because it seems to suggest a God who isn't very motivated, and who needs our prodding, or who isn't very wise and needs our advice, or who isn't very caring and needs our moral exhortation. I'd rather believe in a God who is always doing everything God can do for us.

How about you?

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