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if my dogs made it to the Westminster

Well, a pug made it to the final 7 at Westminster but was robbed of his deserved victory by ridiculous judging that has awarded best in show to a dog in the Terrier group 44 out of 99 times now. Booooo!

Anyway I got to thinking about what my dogs would do at Westminster, and naturally the first thing they'd do is stop to evacuate their bowels as I was trotting them round the ring. Then they'd sniff the butts of any dog that they came within 10 feet of. Then they'd mark the legs of the table they were being judged on. And finally, they'd try to outrace the other dogs to those little treats their handlers toss to them. Other than that, they'd do quite well.

I don't know if I really want to know, but these dogs get colonics (sp?) the day before the show so they won't drop anything at the show? And would they be disqualified if they did? Or does tv just edit that stuff out?

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