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The Adventures of Empathizer Bunny

Empathizer Bunny was born without a certain molecule in her brain, and it made her quite peculiar. She was unable to interpret any experience as an act of hostility. No matter what others would do, or do to her, she never interpreted their actions as intending her harm.

When she was growing up, her friends tried to cure her of this disorder, pointing out how the boys who made fun of her were mean, and she had a right to feel angry. Once, when she was receiving an award for kindness in grade school, one of the boys tripped her when she walked across the stage, and most of the auditorium laughed. But EB, as her friends called her, picked herself up, unembarrassed and without anger, and received her reward with delight. Her friends plotted to get back at the boy, but EB couldn't understand revenge, much less exact it, because she simply couldn't perceive hostility. She wrote the boy a note, and it said:

I am sorry if my award made you feel bad. But I am glad you were able to make so many people laugh. It must have felt good to have so many people feel you are funny. I think you are funny, and clever, too.

And she was happy, despite, or was it because of, having no resentment.

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