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Six Random Things

Finally getting around to Netter's tag on six random things. Hard to decide what's random -- should it be something I haven't mentioned before in the e-realm?

1) Two of the toes on my left foot are partially webbed. When I was little I tried to convince my mom that it really hurt. Doesn't hurt, but looks weird.

2) When I was in high school I memorized three books of the Bible - one per year - Matthew, Acts and 1 Corinthians -- as part of a Bible quizzing competition. I could recite each book in the year I learned it, saying it fast enough my mom had a hard time checking for accuracy as she read along.

3) I have about 600 gallons of aquariums set up in my house, all with African Cichlids.

4) My favorite high school subject was math, but I went to a Bible College that had no math classes at all.

5) I love to scour pawn ships for DVDs, and probably have 500 movies in my collection. I have a good sound system at home, and when I want to relax I love to watch movies at home. Don't go to the theater much, except to see something that a big screen justifies (like Kong) or something the whole family really wants to see together (like Harry Potter). I guess I love collecting, having collected coins, stamps, bugs, soda cans, theological books, rocks, spoons from places we've traveled, etc.

6) No secret here, but I'm very self-conscious, and usually feel out of place in groups of people at unstructured gatherings. I blush easily and find it embarassing. I wouldn't want to try any kind of dancing other than line dancing where your moves are choreographed. I'm about 100 pounds overweight, I'm very hairy and have a variety of moles, skin tags, etc. that all increase my not wanting to be the center of attention. You'd have to come up with a lot of money to get me to take my shirt off in public!

7) I'm likely to trust friends with details about myself that make me uncomfortable, and perhaps sometimes make them uncomfortable, partly because I am trying to level with myself by talking out loud. So while I'm not generally chatty, I can self-disclose your ear off at times.

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