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Job Interviews

I recently had a job interview. They asked me what I thought was my greatest weakness. I said I wasn't particularly good at conflict. By this, I meant that I prefer to avoid conflict when possible, and that it tends to drain me when I have to engage in a lot of it. So, in a work environment, my boss may have to remind me/nudge me that it is important to draw a line in this case or that.

Now, is it self-destructive to make such admissions in a work culture that seems to relish the people who can "make things happen" by force of will and personality? I regretted having said it afterward. It sounds somehow weak. But it is what I honestly believe. If you put me in a job with round the clock conflict, I'll probably burn out over time.

Do you owe a prospective employer an honest answer to such questions? Or is answering this question in an only mildly honest way a skill an employer is looking for? Or...?

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