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On having something to say

I've reflected a little bit lately on what it is I do with this blog. I'm not to much of a stream of consciousness writer, nor a dear diary type, and I don't really get into my personal day to day life much either. Is there a list out there of types of blogs people do?

I do talk about things that are important to me, and I do disclose some personal details and feelings, but I guess on the whole I tend to ask questions and reflect on the meaning of life, so perhaps I'm kind of philosophical-personal. I don't spend much time on a pure philosophical topic, but more in a Platonic sense of the things that seem to me to concern "the good life" in a way that includes truth, beauty and goodness. But usually on a personal, not so much a societal level -- for example, I don't usually analyze politics.

Anyway, that's my own self-blog-portrait, for whatever that's worth. Where are you at with your blogging at the moment. Have you been transitioning, maintaining, quitting, starting again, etc.?

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