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Coolio's Birthday

Coolio's 43 today, so I've got the Gangsta's Paradise CD rolling on the computer while I work.

From Sumpin' New:

What up everybody, so glad you’re here
It’s coolio wit’ the flow back in your ear
This ain’t the fantastic voyage,
but I’m still on a mission,
To see if I can get your attention
Now I want to drop some information
Just a little additive to your education
I live my life
by the code of the funk
600 watt amps, 18’s in the trunk
When I’m on the street, you gotta feel my beat,
soThrow your hands up if you’re down with the c Double o,
l, i, o with the flow
I’m lookin’ for the party, so betta &*$%# know
1 2 3, it’s like a b c
If hip hop didn’t pay, I’d rap for free
Slide, slide, but that’s the past
I got sumpin’ brand new for that #*$

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