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Sequoias and Big Sur

Of all the places I've been to see in the states, Sequoia National Park may be my favorite. Some day, I need to plan a week of camping there. The serenity and majesty of that forest are unmatched for me. I think this park is part of the reason I like Treebeard so much in Lord of the Rings -- being surrounded by the ancient ones just gives so much perspective to our lives.

And the Pacific Coast Highway isn't far behind. The rugged give and take of land and sea for so many thousands of years. The elephant seals basking in the sun. The coastal Redwood groves.

It all helps me feel a part of something much grander than the drama of my particular moments, and a connectedness to something larger.

And then there was the renewed sense of friendship in the trip that was also a transcendent experience -- over the years a real connection endures, and for that I give many thanks.

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