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life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

You know, somehow life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem to increase for me the less I pay attention to politics and news. Sad commentary I guess. I admire the engaged citizen, but I'm chagrined to admit I'm not one of them.

People sometime mention stories in the news to me and most of the time I have to admit I don't know them. I did know about the hurricane and I know who the VP candidates are now, but if it isn't that level, there's a decent chance I don't know.

I spend my time trying to learn how to be me, and trying to help my friends and co-workers feel like someone "gets them" at a deeper level than many people are willing to relate.

And today I'm thinking again of the many people here that "got" me, and whom I hope I "got." And the debt of thanks I owe you all for helping me walk through tough times. Many of you will never see this blog given how long I've been away, but my debt to you is not diminished by this.

I think I'm a little less stuck in depression than I often have been. I'll never claim this is because I've "learned" something because I may circle around and be right back there at any time. But I can say that I've worked on being very honest with my family and some friends about things that should have been said many years ago. I was lucky that I have been heard and we continue to have a relationship. I try to be less and less guarded, and try to retreat less from the things that scare me. Sometimes I can. Sometimes I can't. But I've found something in those scary places sometimes that has proven worth the risk. And blogging along with your friendship - strangers I've never met who yet knew me - was a very important part in trying to push myself farther into the risks of life and the willingness to try to hold on and see what happens.

Peace and love,
Mr. C.

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