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Sunday Morning not at church

Well, it's Sunday morning and I haven't been to a Sunday service for over a year. Somehow I wish I missed it more. There were churches and days that it meant a great deal to me, and I can imagine going back some day, but stepping away also taught me some things. If I go back, it will only be when I know I can take what I want to take, give what I want to give, and refuse what I don't want - and the last is the hardest one. I got to a point where I'd cry while trying to sing many hymns because I just couldn't sing from the point of view of the writer anymore. Perhaps it is ironic that at the very same time when I gave the Elders prayer at the commuion table, many people would often remark that my words had meant a great deal to them. Perhaps I had more company than I knew when I cried.

There's an interesting CD by Susan Werner, called The Gospel Truth - it is especially interesting because the songs go back and forth on whether she believes, doesn't believe, etc. link

One of the songs is entitled Sunday Morning - can't find the lyrics, but it start's out: "Sunday Morning, and there's someplace that I'm supposed to be .."

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