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I hate tv news because ...

1. People are exhorted to leave Galveston or risk certain death, but every channel sends a team right into Galveston.

2. They still report stock market drops in points instead of percentages, so they can claim the market is being jolted, shocked, devastated, by comparison to other point drops, while silently omitting that the percentage drop of 500 points today and 500 points in 1929 are nowhere near the same.

3. People react to such "news" as if it is reality.

4. Now not only do I have to bear with "news people" feeling the news is real if they are on site where it's raining, I actually watched a guy standing next to a gas pump to report "live" that the price of gas is going up. I thought maybe we were going to stay live until the price changed on the pump, but we weren't so lucky.

5. It all becomes like the boy who cried wolf, all the sensationalism makes it hard for people to believe anything they say, even when it really is life-threatening.

6. And it takes less than 15 minutes watching to see all of this. It was like aversion therapy - fifteen minutes was enough to convince me I've been right all along - ignore, at all costs, ignore.

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