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Where do we get our knowledge of what is normal?

If we know what normal is, we think we know what sick is. And if we know what sick is, we hope we can fix it.

I'm afraid normal is often just what allows people around us to feel comfortable - we don't cry unexpectedly, we don't tell a coworker that we love them, we try not to be "moody." Because if we be this way we are normal and perhaps we don't seem not to fit in.

Well, I'm abnormal, by any of these standards. And even I want to fix myself, to second-guess myself less, to be even-keel and comfortable for others and myself, to push away discomfort, to label it something that can be fixed so I can hope for that ever elusive happiness.

Whatever normalcy is, I seem not to be wired for it. Too bad. It would be much more convenient. But each day seems to wake me up and pour me a full glass of non-normalcy. I keep trying not to drink it, and I wonder why.

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